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Robyn Santiago, FNP-BC

Robyn Santiago is a board certified registered nurse practitioner with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She is a Florida native who graduated from University of Florida as a Registered Nurse and Barry University as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Her experience includes Primary Care and Geriatrics. She enjoys teaching and empowering patients to participate in their own health by health education and guidance. She encourages her patients to understand what conditions they have, what medications are for, and methods of prevention and wellness. A “partnership” between provider and patient is the most important element in maintaining one’s health.

Some of her areas of expertise include diabetes, hypertension, weight loss, and cholesterol management through simple strategies one can incorporate into their daily lives. Robyn also Inspires Wellness and will be offering IV Hydration, and Weight management. Robyn is currently accepting New patients.