EMSCULPT NEO is the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure that provides simultaneous fat elimination and muscle building in a combined 30-minute session. EMSCULPT NEO simultaneously emits both radio frequency and high intensity electromagnetic energies, resulting in both fat reduction and muscle growth.


  • Build Muscle and Burn Fat
  • FDA-Cleared
  • Safe and Effective
  • Clinically Proven Results
  • Comprehensive Body Contouring
  • Decreases Fat by 30%
  • Increases muscle by 25%
  • Long-Term Belly Fat Reduction
  • Painless, Convenient 30-Minute Sessions
  • No Downtime

Before & After

Treatment Areas

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Front Thighs
  • Back Thighs
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Calves

How does EMSCULPT NEO work?

The treatment utilizes sophisticated technology that emits both HIFEM and RF energy through a single applicator. The dual energies provide a synergistic effect, delivering better results during one EMSCULPT NEO session than the energies produce individually during separate experiences.

The addition of RF energy optimizes fat reduction. EMSCULPT NEO delivers unprecedented muscle development via HIFEM. This energy penetrates the skin via a proprietary applicator. The current of energy stimulates the muscle tissue causing it to contract. These muscle contractions are known as supramaximal contractions. This type of contraction is far more powerful than anything you can achieve manually. Each 30-minute session induces more than 20,000 contractions. The tension of these contractions forces the body to adapt to the stress by creating new muscle cells and strengthening the already existing muscle fibers.

Before the contractions, the radio frequency heats underlying tissue and warms the muscle up in preparation for the intense contractions. Besides the synergistic effect of the RF technology addition, the dual-energy triggers lipolysis or fat cell death. Thermal energy disrupts the fat cell, causing them to melt. The dead cells are naturally gathered by the body and process out as waste. Once the fat cells are removed, they are gone for good. This leads to long-lasting results.


The upper arms are a common problem for both men and women. Unfortunately, the type of fat deposit that collects here is hard to eliminate because it is influenced by genetics, age, and hormones. In addition, upper arm fat tends to resist diet and exercise efforts, making it extremely challenging to reduce without professional help.

It is virtually impossible to tone away fat in the upper arms. While building arm muscles with exercise provides a toned appearance, the muscles may still be obscured by extra fat buildup. Since “spot reducing” with manual exercise is a myth, there is no way to physically burn upper arm fat and tone the biceps and triceps.

With EMSCULPT NEO for arms, people struggling with embarrassing arm fat have a solution free from invasive surgery or pain. This body shaping treatment sculpts lean, sexy arms conveniently utilizing the dual energies of electromagnetic and radio frequency.

EMSCULPT NEO for Thighs & Calves

The upper legs are another notorious problem area for many females. The thighs contain hormone-influenced deposits of fat. Estrogen sends more fat cells to the area around the thighs and buttocks. You can’t tone away this type of fat. Building the leg muscles is critical for a strong, toned appearance, but manual muscle building does not eliminate thigh fat.

Therefore, getting rid of bulges on the thighs may require the professional help of EMSCULPT NEO. This body shaping treatment targets the two parts of body composition that determine the overall appearance of the legs: fat and muscle.

The calf muscles are also tough to build and develop with manual work. The leading cause for this is simply genetics. However, another common reason is that the calves are hard to develop because of biology. The lower leg muscles are hard to create. The soleus, a major muscle in the calf, has half of the quad muscle’s potential to synthesize the protein that makes muscle tissues. Since the calves see a lot of activity during the day, this muscle group is more developed than others. Because of this, it takes a lot of tension or stress to trigger muscle creation and strengthening.

EMSCULPT NEO provides an easy way to quickly and effectively build and chisel lean calf muscles you can show off.

EMSCULPT NEO Non-Ivasive Butt Lift

EMSCULPT NEO is also cleared to firm and tone the buttocks. This non-surgical butt lift option uses the advanced technology of this body shaping treatment to stimulate powerful contractions in the glutes. Each treatment uses the HIFEM or High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy to induce supramaximal contractions. The penetration is entirely painless. The contractions strain the muscle tissue, causing the body to adapt to the tension by creating new fibers and strengthening the existing ones.

First, EMSCULPT NEO creates new tissue providing the volumetric growth needed to achieve more lifted, plump buttocks. Second, it strengthens the existing tissues improving muscle tone, creating a subtle lifting effect. In addition to the High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy, the radio frequency energy heats the subcutaneous fat cells below the skin. The energy effectively damages and destroys stubborn fat cells in the buttocks, providing a lean, firm-looking butt.

EMSCULPT NEO: What’s New About It?

The NEW EMSCULPT NEO builds off the original treatment. EMSCULPT NEO uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. The new treatment uses this same HIFEM energy but adds radio frequency or RF energy. This innovative addition to the body sculpting treatment sets EMSCULPT NEO apart from every other treatment in the industry.

No other device combines HIFEM and RF energy into a single treatment. The addition of RF energy allows clients to achieve an outstanding 30% decrease in stubborn fat cells. No other non-invasive fat reduction treatment can achieve such phenomenal fat reduction.

How Much Does EMSCULPT NEO Cost?

EMSCULPT NEO’s cost varies. By combining fat reduction with muscle growth, those treated receive the most comprehensive body sculpting treatment available. This procedure helps each person receive more dramatic results at less cost. Prices fluctuate based on the treatment area, the personal treatment plan for the client, and any available discounts.

The best way to receive a customized treatment plan cost is by scheduling a FREE consultation at our office. During your visit, you can speak in great detail with an EMSCULPT NEO treatment specialist about your aesthetic body goals. Then, if our staff deems you a valid treatment candidate, they create a treatment plan. The plan builds impressive muscles while reducing stubborn fat cells at a rate you can afford easily.


Financing options are available! We will do everything we can to ensure EMSCULPT NEO is affordable for each and every patient.
There are several programs available based on your personal needs. Contact us today to discuss your options.

2 Revolutionary Treatments in 1

  • Sculpt, Shape, Lift & Tone While You Relax
  • Quick, Comfortable & Effective

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